Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First batch of Jughead Hats

Here's my first batch of jughead hats. These, or ones like these, will be on my Etsy store by the end of the month. They're all handmade from vintage wool or fur hat felt.

The first, my favorite, is made with a black long-pile fur felt. Normally this kind of felt is shaggy, but it turned beautifully smooth and shiny when ironed and brushed. It looks similar to old fur felt top hats. This is the classic style of crown-shaped jughead hat we all remember from Archie Comics:

The next one is navy blue felt, with a scalloped brim. I added cool steampunky buttons:

This one is totally classic, another crown-type in black wool.

And a fancy one in green long-napped fur felt.

I've got a stack of different colored fur felts, like the first hat, waiting for similar treatment. Making hats is fun!

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