Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hat Making Inspiration - Sewing Patterns Part 2

Below you'll find some of my favorite images from sewing patterns for making hats. In my last post on this subject, I included several photos of hats in fashion illustrations on sewing patterns. As I mentioned, these pictures are often a fantasy of the illustrator, rather than reality-based, but sewing patterns for MAKING hats are another story. As you can see, these have more detail, they are closer-up, show seams, etc., all so you can get a better idea of the construction. Right now I'm working only with blocked felt, but I've made soft fabric hats in the past- looking through these again is fun, maybe I'll try some of these out later this year...

And be sure to check out the Hats category in the Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki!

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  1. I was so excited to see you post these Tricia!! A few years back I found an old pattern from the 1930's for a variety of lovely ladies hats, but have yet to attempt to make them.....we should have a "vintage hat making" clinic sometime!