Monday, May 3, 2010

Ho9s Bridal Cocktail Hats Now On Sale

I've just posted my new line of bridal cocktails hats to Etsy and Smashing Darling.

The 'Ladybird' is two half-moon shaped felt pieces mounted on a wired base, halo-ed with dotted veiling and stripped coque feathers. The feathers shimmer and bob around your face. This one in ivory. More colors coming soon.

This one a big ribbon cockade in soft white with a mother of pearl and marcasite button, a little frill of veiling, and peacock feathers. I bought the entire stock of the only supplier I could find for rare white albino peacock feathers-- the birds only molt once per year.

And the last, just a little something. A white moire ribbon cockade with a spray of stripped coque feathers and a large mother of pearl button, mounted on a fur felt base.

Next up: Mini top hats, derbys, and crowns in bridal colors.

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