Monday, May 3, 2010

Ho9s 'Daphne' Bridal Crown in Genlux Magazine

Ho9s' 'Daphne' straw cocktail hat appears in the Spring II 2010 issue of Genlux magazine, with fantastic styling by Shannon Dunn and photography by Erik Almas!

Shannon concocted a gorgeous theme inspired by royal portraits through history. I had the chance to design this hat especially for the shoot, and have added it to my bridal line, available for purchase at ADS Hats on Valencia Street in San Francisco, and through my Etsy and Smashing Darling shops. It's made of two layers of straw decorated with mother of pearl 'jewels', ribbonwork, vintage silk veiling, and lots of coque, pheasant and bleached peacock feathers. I'm working now on variations to 'Daphne', including one in black.

Here are some of my photos. Buy the magazine or look online for the full Genlux spread.

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