Friday, May 21, 2010

A Poll: the Modern Corset

Designing fall/winter hats, which leads to thinking about clothing in general. Specifically at the moment: the corset. Not as a costume, but reviving it as part of the modern wardrobe. Corsets were the foundation (literally & figuratively) of ladies clothing for hundreds of years, until fairly recently. This is a poll: ideas, anyone? What would you want a modern daywear corset to be like? What would you wear it with?

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    I think it could be made in a basic colour, without embellishments. I mean, black, beige, brown, grey... colours that can be easily combined, and worn over basic shirts, black, cream, white... and trousers, it would be a very simple look to wear daily.
    When the night comes, things change, of course... but that,s a nother story, hi hi....