Thursday, July 15, 2010


The hat samples I've been working on to take to shops in LA are now done, packed, and in the car. Whew! All women's hats for now, I'm still waiting on my men's blocks to arrive from the UK. If the samples sell while I'm in LA, I'll have to make up a new batch to photograph, there's no time to photo before leaving. But, I'm super excited about how the styles are turning out and the way the collection is coming together as a whole. I've got a lot of 'beaver' felt coming up!

While in LA, I'm attending the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball, a very silly masquerade party, with my husband John, and our friends Autumn (of Dark Garden Corsetry) and Daniel. It'll be the preview for one of my outfits for Venice Carnival 2011. I'll be wearing a red and black 'beaver' felt bicorn with big ostrich feathers...

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