Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Men's Hats Even Better

Ok, so I'm a perfectionist when I'm working on a sewing or hat project, I get really into the details and have a hard time not doing everything I can to make it the best it can be. The best materials I can find, the most labor-intensive fine stitching, all that.

The launch of my men's line is being pushed back a few weeks, to mid-autumn, because I've decided to tackle traditional leather sweatbanding inside. I had been planning to use the same kind of ribbon bands as are normal for ladies hats, but recently came to the conclusion that leather sweatbands are actually required for men's. This throws everything up in the air, from sizing to labels, so I have to work out all those details, find suppliers, etc.

The end result is going to be really nice, though.

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