Monday, December 20, 2010

New Top Hat Style: the Wellington

I'm working now on finishing samples of several totally new mini top hat shapes. Here's the 'Wellington', it's slightly taller and larger than the 'Belle Epoch' top hat that has been my best seller up till now.

I've been getting lots of feedback from customers who say they like my mini top hats because they are not as wee as other milliner's minis, and fit the head better, so I'm going even a little larger. The 'Wellington' has a lot of surface area for decoration, and also should make a great straw hat for spring / summer.

The 'Wellington' is now available for sale on Etsy. Custom colors, trim, etc. also available upon request, just contact me.

I'm collaborating now with chanteuse Jill Tracy on a hat design for the Wellington that will appear in the merch section of her website.

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