Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Ho9s Hat Style: The Crescent Cocktail

This new style of cocktail hat has a shaped piece of fur felt mounted on a tiny base; the comb to hold it to the head is attached to the base, so the outer side could be made into any shape, really. Originally devised as a custom order for a customer who wanted something that would nestle around the top of a bun. The emu and peacock feathers were sewn in individually by hand.

Listed now on my etsy page.

New Flickr Set: Hat Related Oddities

I've created a new flickr set, for photos of some hat-related things that are unusual or just weird.

Here's one of the things I've added, it's a tin hat advertising sign from a 19th century hat shop.

Notice the tin cockade, sitting next to the hat in the second photo!

For more photos, see my flickr page.

Fez Friday: Fez on Vacation

Doesn't that look nice? Siting around having a cool drink by the water, wearing your fez.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alex Trilby

Another new hat style hot off the work table: Alex.

This vintage-inspired trilby style has a brim that flips up in back. Made of soft fur felt, it's great as an everyday hat, if you want every day to be snazzy.

Made for smaller sizes, it fits head size 21-22.5.

The sample shown here is in all black, but it can be made in many different colors, with matching or contrast trim.

On sale now on Etsy.

Hat of the Week: Raspberry Velvet Turban

This isn't a raspberry beret, but a turban is even better (in my opinion). I'm guessing that the fabric is either silk velvet, or maybe rayon- something very reflective in any case, see how it catches the light in all those little folds. This turban is expertly and finely draped and folded. Just gorgeous. Definitely vintage, probably 1950s.