Thursday, May 6, 2010

London Miscreants, 1904

A few drunkards arrested for disorderly conduct in 1904. Despite bad behavior, most managed to keep track of their hats. If you're not wearing a hat right now, what's your excuse?

This hat actually looks straight out of Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010. I love it!!!

Pretty sharp for a drunkard:

Fashion forward! I'm thinking he's a time traveler from a Fellini film.

Oh no.

This guy's name is 'Dirty Dick'. Honestly.

For more photos, see the full article from London's Daily Mail.

Bonus Hat of the Week: The Straw Saucer

I woke up this morning dreaming of hats like this and had to share. Thinking about making one based on this shape for bridal.

'The White Hat' by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1780

And, an unmarked straw saucer from the 1940s.

Everything old is new again. The shape of the head doesn't change, so I don't see why can't we have do-overs on a great idea.

New Ho9s Style: A 'Marie' Boater in Brown

A 'Marie' boater in brown tones, perfect for all those picnics and garden parties you have coming up. Or if you don't have any yet, it's a hat to make you plan some.

Just listed on Etsy & Smashing Darling.

I'm working now on a bridal 'Marie' in white and ivory, and also reworking the 'Emily', the narrower boater, with better feathers and also in bridal colors. Photos coming soon.

You know you want to

Boaters are the next big thing. A happy hat if I ever saw one.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Listed: Summer Straw 'Kit Kat' Derby

I've just listed this brand new style on Etsy and Smashing Darling: a straw mini derby for summer.

Made in a vintage lace-y diamond patterned straw-- There were only three straw bodies available in this pattern, so this hat will be a very limited run!

Edged and decorated with vintage in cool brown tones. The cockade is finished with an embossed copper button.

Finished with taupe vintage silk veiling, and fierce orange-tipped golden Pheasant feathers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Custom Order: Navy Blue Steampunk 'Belle Epoch'

A custom hat for a lovely customer in Australia. A navy blue fur felt mini top hat with black and brown ribbonwork, black veiling, and a mix of coque and pheasant feathers. Clock parts to finish the cockade gives it a touch of steampunk style.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Ho9s 'Daphne' Bridal Crown in Genlux Magazine

Ho9s' 'Daphne' straw cocktail hat appears in the Spring II 2010 issue of Genlux magazine, with fantastic styling by Shannon Dunn and photography by Erik Almas!

Shannon concocted a gorgeous theme inspired by royal portraits through history. I had the chance to design this hat especially for the shoot, and have added it to my bridal line, available for purchase at ADS Hats on Valencia Street in San Francisco, and through my Etsy and Smashing Darling shops. It's made of two layers of straw decorated with mother of pearl 'jewels', ribbonwork, vintage silk veiling, and lots of coque, pheasant and bleached peacock feathers. I'm working now on variations to 'Daphne', including one in black.

Here are some of my photos. Buy the magazine or look online for the full Genlux spread.

Ho9s Bridal Cocktail Hats Now On Sale

I've just posted my new line of bridal cocktails hats to Etsy and Smashing Darling.

The 'Ladybird' is two half-moon shaped felt pieces mounted on a wired base, halo-ed with dotted veiling and stripped coque feathers. The feathers shimmer and bob around your face. This one in ivory. More colors coming soon.

This one a big ribbon cockade in soft white with a mother of pearl and marcasite button, a little frill of veiling, and peacock feathers. I bought the entire stock of the only supplier I could find for rare white albino peacock feathers-- the birds only molt once per year.

And the last, just a little something. A white moire ribbon cockade with a spray of stripped coque feathers and a large mother of pearl button, mounted on a fur felt base.

Next up: Mini top hats, derbys, and crowns in bridal colors.

Hat of the Week: Aunt Bee Straw Boater

I have boaters on the brain. All shapes & sizes. Love this tiny black straw boater, with veiling and little white flowers. Mid 20th century.