Friday, December 3, 2010

Limited Edition Hats

I recently scored a big order of great men's felts, but a lot of the nicest colors are discontinued- when they're gone, they're gone. For example,'Jake' in bronze is great, but I only have *4* bronze felts and there are no more to be had. Better snatch one up if you love it, they're available on Etsy.

Or as a custom order, while they last, I could use a bronze felt to make another style, like a derby or fedora, if you prefer.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Full Size Top Hats Coming Soon

Working now with my custom hat block maker on a new design for full size top hats, based on the 'D'Orsay' top hat that was popular circa late 1800s-1930. This will be a hat block style exclusive to House of Nines Design. With time for prototyping, I should be ready to roll them out in 4-8 weeks.

Here are some of the images I've been using as inspiration for the D'Orsay.


More Vaudeville: San Franciscans Bert Williams and George Walker.

Victorian equestriennes.

The immortal Marlene Dietrich.

The incomparable Josephine Baker.

Fun during the Belle Epoch.

There was so much variety in top hats during the 19th century.

The famous 'Butterfly Dandy", Comte Robert de Montesquiou (by Boldini).

Una, Lady Troubridge (by Romaine Brooks).

Yes, I know there were no actual hats in either of these last two pictures. It's all in the attitude.

Add a little voodoo.

And now, for some vintage hats.

German circa 1920.

This one was listed on ebay a while back as having belonged to a 'Hudson Bay' American Indian chief circa 1890. I don't know about the authenticity of that assertion, but it sure is cool.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Certificates 10% off through December 15

House of Nines Design now offers gift certificates for made-to-order or custom hats, and to kick off the holidays they're on sale for 10% off if purchased directly from me. Just send me a direct message through email, Twitter or Facebook to make your request. (Note: Gift certificates purchased through Etsy or Smashing Darling are not on sale.) The sale runs though December 15, and all gift certificates purchased on sale are guaranteed for delivery, anywhere in the world, by December 25.

More info about House of Nines Gift Certificates is here.

Men's Hats now on Smashing Darling

All of the men's hat styles I currently have available are now listed on Smashing Darling. More colors coming soon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now for Sale Online: Men's Hats

All of my men's hats that are currently available (i.e. that I've had the chance to photograph) are now available for sale on Etsy and Smashing Darling.

More colors coming soon in all styles, including *black*.

Announcing: Gift Certificates part II

House of Nines Design gift certificates are now available on my Smashing Darling store.