Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stephen Jones Hat Competition

Thanks so much to everybody who voted for me in the Stephen Jones hat competition! I truly appreciated all your support and kind words. I came in at 23rd place out of about 550 entries, with about 350 votes (they've taken the vote counts down now so I can't check the exact number). I'm completely thrilled and so grateful. Also, my entry received 4695 page views, an amazing amount of exposure. What a fun project and a fantastic opportunity.

The voting is over now. It's been a great experience and I'm really happy with the results. Stephen Jones, and Dolly Jones of British Vogue, will be making their final choice of winner and runner-ups to be announced on August 26th. Whatever happens, I'm planning to attend the opening of Jones' museum exhibition 'Hats, an Anthology' in mid-September. I'm busily working on a new outfit for the party in my free time (such as it is), part of which will be made by Dark Garden Corsetry, and I'll make the rest and a hat to match (of course). See you there?

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