Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stephen Jones 'Hats, An Anthology' Gala

My husband John and I just returned from New York, where we went to the gala opening party for Stephen Jones' museum exhibit 'Hats, An Anthology' at Bard Graduate Center.

It was a quick trip, we were there for just about 36 hours, to go to the party and do a few business-related errands.

The party was super fun, we met Stephen Jones and lots of other nice and interesting people. So great to see so many people turn out for hats! We had the chance to talk with Aliona Kononova, the winner of Stephen Jones and Vogue's recent Talenthouse millinery competition and her charming husband Igor, we really liked them and hope to keep in touch. 

On our way in, our photo was taken by legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. The spread of his shots from that night appeared in the New York Times yesterday. We're near the center-left, about halfway down, John's wearing a brown fedora and I'm in a yellow top hat, both made specially to wear during the trip. Mine was made to match a yellow and black Dollymop corset, custom made for me for the event by Dark Garden.

I hope to make it back to New York before the exhibit closes next April to spend lots more time viewing the show and to scope out some new retailers for my work. It's not clear whether the exhibit will travel further- this may be your last chance to see it so you'd better go while you can, if you can. If you're unable to make it to New York, the exhibit catalog is also fantastic.

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