Sunday, December 11, 2011

Making a Name Change

After posting yesterday about my new casual ladies hats, I was taking a good, long look at pictures of this hat worn by Ingrid Bergman in the classic movie 1942 'Casablanca' with Humphrey Bogart.

And I noticed how much it looks like my new style 'Bacall', especially in profile. In the next photo, my hat sits at a slightly different angle on the mannequin head than the hat as worn by Bergman in the previous photos, so my brim appears to dip down more at the side than Berman's hat does, but they actually have a very similar arc and shape.

The crown is almost identical, as is the front of the brim, although Bergman's brim seems to be marginally larger all around. The back of the brim on my hat is a bit shorter, and of course I've flipped it up in back, but I tried flipping it down, and then the similarity in shape was even more pronounced.

I found it interesting to notice that my hats are almost always photographed from slightly above so you can see as much of the hat as possible, whereas Bergman seems to have been shot mostly from slightly below while wearing this hat, to better show her beautiful face.

 I cobbled the 'Bacall' together from two antique, hand-carved hat blocks (a separate crown and brim) from that period (1930s or 1940s), but I got the blocks from different sources at different times, so they didn't come together as a set. And I wasn't even thinking about 'Casablanca' specifically when I designed the hat, just a general feeling of Hollywood glamour from the time. But, with all the time I've spent watching classic movies, clearly this famous hat must have been lodged somewhere in my subconcious, waiting to spring out.
In light of this, I think I have to re-name this hat the 'Bergman' in honor of her. I'm changing the name everywhere shortly, including in my previous blog post, to avoid confusion.

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