Thursday, December 8, 2011

Midi Range: The 'Wellington' Top Hat

I'm happy to announce that I have several new styles of hat that fall within a new 'midi' size- not as small as a mini hat, but just smaller than a full size hat. While it looks closer to a full size hat when worn, it perches jauntily on the head so you can also have a hairdo, and sizing is not an issue. They're one-size-fits-all, and more flattering to most of us than the minis, which can sometimes appear to be a bit too small in proportion to the face.

As you may have noticed, I generally name my blocks (and the resulting hat shape). I also sometimes name the styles made with those blocks, for those that have particularly distinctive trim. For example, the 'Una' style (big bow in back, ruffled hat band and curly feathers with antique silk lace veiling) is made with a 'Belle Epoch' mini top hat block.

The following two hats were made using the same midi size block, which I call the 'Wellington'. It's modeled on a mid-19th century top hat shape, also called a Wellington, that had straight sides with a flared top and an extra curly brim.

This one is made with long-napped fur felt in a brown and tan leopard print, and chocolate brown ribbon trim, vintage veiling, and feathers. The veiling is carefully dagged and the feathers were curled and cut into points by hand. 

The next hat style, also a 'Wellington' shape, is named 'Sabrina'. It's made all in black with velour fur felt and a ring of shiny, wispy hackle feathers around the crown. The felt band is beaded with antique jet nailhead beads, and draped with lace-like antique silk veiling that's drawn up into a large bow at the side and finished with a large vintage jet button. The shine of the feathers and the jet pieces make a nice contrast to the velvety finish of the velour.

Both are available for sale now in my Etsy shop.

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