Friday, March 16, 2012

OK Spring, So Sprung Already

For the last few weeks I've been prototyping and making samples for my new spring / summer line. It's going well! Working up to the release of new styles always seems to take so long, but I'll have lots of new hats available soon, including several totally new hat shapes for men and women. I'm expanding my straw hat selection and my mens hat line this year, which is super exciting.

It's been kind of hard to think about making summer hats for blue skies and warm weather, given all the crappy rainy days we've had here in San Francisco lately. But, I'm looking forward to some new types of straw I'm adding to my line, especially the finely woven, high-quality panama straws I bought yesterday to add to my stock of materials. They are entirely hand-woven in Ecuador of natural unbleached straw. The texture, the weave and the color are just gorgeous. I could only get a limited number of them, so I'll be making a sample hat or two then saving the rest of the unblocked bodies for custom orders. If you want to see them for a possible custom project, just let me know.

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