Sunday, October 21, 2012

Customer Photos: More Jo

Love these great photos recently received from Joanna in Australia.

Joanna is a fantastic regular customer of House of Nines, I've literally lost count of how many custom hats she has commissioned over the years.  This custom 'Wellington' is her most recent purchase.

The style may be more familiar to you in its animal print form, which looks like this:

Jo requested black long-nap felt instead of the animal print, but the ribbon trim is the same. As you can see in the photo below, instead of stripped hackle feathers, we went with curled peacock swords. Jo said the photos were taken on a windy day so the feathers were being blown around a bit. And we added a birdcage veiling over the eyes. I have hundreds and hundreds of bolts of rare antique silk veiling in stock, and this is one of my personal favorites, it's got a geometric pattern but is so delicate.

Jo usually prefers to go with custom designs instead of choosing a ready-to-wear style, and it's always a lot of fun working on something special for her.

Thanks again for all your amazing customer photos! Keep 'em coming!

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