Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drake in Video

I've written several posts on the subject of hat blocks and the total brilliance of my block maker, Guy Morse Brown Hat Blocks. Not only do they offer the best quality hat blocks around, but the owners Owen and Catherine Morse Brown also super nice people, and supportive of hobby hat makers and professional milliners by offering information and instruction through their newsletter, HATalk, and their series of educational ebooks and DVDs.

They recently made a short video to promote a subscription offer for HATalk, and I was thrilled to see Catherine in it wearing a Drake fedora! Over the years, Catherine and Owen have purchased several hats from me for themselves, which I take as a huge compliment considering how many hats they must see everyday. Here's the video.

Dandylicious Fashion Show & Menswear

The Dandylicious menswear fashion show at the DeYoung Museum went well last night. It was a really fun challenge to make lots and lots of men's hats in a short time, and to see so many of my hats on heads onstage together was a thrill. Working with Dark Garden is always a treat, and it was great to have Duchess Clothier there as well.

I've been wanting to improve and expand on my men's line for some time now, and it's great to feel like it's coming together. I have several new styles in the works (a couple of fedoras, and a kind of fedora / homburg hybrid) to go with new versions of the Drake fedora and Neville bowler, and I'm almost done with the design process- for each style, choosing colors, materials, trim, surface treatments, etc. With four new styles, with at least two to three colorways each in felt and straw, that's a lot to organize.

A shipment of new blocks is due to arrive from my block maker in the UK in a few weeks, which will expand my size range in each of the new styles. I'll have at least a few sizes available on hand for every style, and can order more blocks in additional sizes when needed.

A huge box of felts in lots of new colors just arrived, with more on the way next week. And I've got a big pile of Panama straws here just waiting to be hats. Lots of samples to block. Wish me luck. Photos of the new styles will come out in a few weeks.

New Feathers Soon

Just heard that many of the birds at the aviary where I buy my special feathers are soon going to molt.... Waiting in anticipation. I'm especially looking forward to some new fancy turkey feathers for my men's line.