Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall / Winter 2013: New Colors for Popular Styles

The photos for our new styles are rolling in now!

Lot of mini top hats are in the mix. Here are some new colors in popular styles from past seasons.

Our 'Una' mini top hat has been a best-seller. It's made with a glossy long-napped fur felt, polished to a high shine, and trimmed with vintage ribbon and veiling. Since we've got the antique lace-edged veiling in chocolate and navy in addition to black, we're branching out this season with more color options.

Camel with chocolate trim.  This trim would also look great with a medium or darker brown felt- just ask, if you'd like to order an alternate felt color. But if you like the brown veiling, better move fast, we only have enough left to make one additional hat!

And another 'Una' in vibrant purple with navy trim. On this one, the purple felt is vintage too, and extremely limited.

The navy trim also looks great with felt in navy or pale blue- available upon request. There is only enough of the veiling in navy (and in black) to make less than 10 more hats. The silk veiling used in this style is a rare antique item, it's unlikely that we'll ever find more, so the 'Una' is a very limited edition.

The 'Una' is made using our 'Belle Epoch' block set, the most petite mini top hat style in our collection. For more information about hat blocks and how hats are made, see this previous post.

There are new colorways for the 'Viola' also. This style also sports hand-curled feathers and vintage ribbon trim, but the blocks used are slightly larger than those for the 'Una', so it's still a mini but closer to a full-size hat in scale.

Cherry with black trim.

And bronze with chocolate trim.

Here's our latest addition to the 'Wellington' line, in a luminous raspberry pink long-napped felt with burgundy trim. It's got a hand-pleated band, and a large ribbon bow backed with huge vintage popcorn veiling that gives a bit of peek-a-boo over one eye. As you can see in the photos, the 'Wellington' is very different than the other mini top hats in our range- with straight sides and a slightly rounded top, it has a classic Mad Hatter shape.

Here's our 'Sabrina', previously available only in black, this time in deep sable with trim in brown tones. Natural colored 'badger' rooster hackle feathers ring the crown. Antique bronzed glass beads give a bit of sparkle through the veiling across the front. It's made using the same blocks as the 'Wellington', shown above.

These are all available now in our Etsy shop.  

There are lots more new styles coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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