Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall / Winter 2013 Product Announcement Schedule

We've been working hard to get all the new styles finished, photographed, and announced to the world as quickly as we can. A first batch of things came out earlier today, with lots more to follow. Here's a loose schedule of our product releases and design goals for the rest of the year, for those interested.

The first batch of hats for Fall / Winter 2013 included 30 new styles, 15 of which were just posted to our Flickr page. These 15 are all ladies mini top hats. Some of them are on our Etsy shop now, the rest should be posted there for sale within 48 hours.

The next set of photos will include 15 more ladies hat styles: fedoras, pillboxes, riding hats, 1930s/1940s-inspired goodness, and others. These should be posted by the end of this week.

Meanwhile, I've *just* received our latest set of new hat blocks from the brilliant Guy Morse Brown Hat Blocks, a whole new range of custom cloche shapes, and prototyping for the new designs made with those starts this week. I'm also working on new mens styles for fall, and a few little ladies whimsies for the holidays, all of which should be out around the end of October.

Then I'll go straight into design for Bridal and Spring / Summer 2014, to be completed by the end of the year.

As you can see, we've got a busy schedule planned for the next few months, and orders are already rolling in. If you'd like to buy a hat for the holidays, try to get your order in as early as you can, to be sure we can deliver in time for your deadline. Once we sell the original sample, all subsequent hats in that style are made on-demand, and our production queue is already at 4-6 weeks for styles that aren't currently in stock. Please keep in mind that, in addition to our ready-to-wear styles, we are also very happy to do custom work- see a style you like, but want it in a different color? Have an idea for a new hat style that you'd like to discuss? We look forward to hearing from you!

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