Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Colors for the 'Drake' Fedora

Those who have seen me out and about know that the 'Drake' is my favorite go-to everyday hat. Its balance of curvaceous lines and geometric trim always make me feel sharp when wearing one. I couldn't resist making several of them in a range of gorgeous colors from our new luxury felt supplier.

Butternut. Rich gold with matching trim.

Tomato red. 'Tomato' is a lovely bright scarlet halfway between red and orange. I have a favorite vintage leather jacket from the 1960s in just the same color, and wear one of these with it often.

Apple green. I'm crazy about yellow-greens and olive, and this color fits right in. You may have seen me wearing one of these in the photos in this San Francisco Chronicle article.

Brandy brown with evergreen ribbon. When I purchased a big bag of the gorgeous vintage mother of pearl buttons used in the trim on the 'Drake' a while back, I was surprised and pleased to find how much variation there is in the color of the natural shells the buttons are made from. Some of the buttons are white with diamond-like multi-colors inside, others are a mellow tan-gold color, others are smoky gray with blue, purple and pink iridescence within.  For each color of 'Drake', I choose buttons that best match each other and the hat. 

Camel with spice-brown ribbon.

The 'Drake' fedora is available in all of these colors, plus basic black, in our Etsy store now.

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