Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Style: Straw 'Wellington'

Here's another brand new style for summer: our popular 'Wellington' shape, made up in peanut straw.

Offered in sunny yellow with aqua and teal tones, black with pale green and ivory, and shocking pink with lavender and hot orange. 

This material has a lustrous shine to it, and a slightly rustic quality to the wide weave. It reminds me of similar cute vintage straws that were popular during the mid-20th century but which are now nearly impossible to find.  

The fluffy, show-girl style ostrich feathers are dyed to match the straw. For contrast, I added delicate distressed silk veiling, and hand-made silk taffeta flowers in complimentary colors. The peps at the center of each flower are also vintage, from my large collection of mid-20th century German flower parts.

Personally, I've never been crazy about pink, to wear for myself. But for some reason lately the brighter the colors, the more I like them. I've been addicted to this tropical color combination- hot pink, orange and purple- since last year when I started looking at tons of books of underwater photography, it's a recurring (and hypnotic) theme in underwater plant and animal coloration. And then we attended Tiki Oasis 2012 last summer, and now I'm hooked on Shocking Pink.

The new straw Wellington' is available for purchase now in our Etsy store.