Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Colors for 'Maxima'

The 'Maxima' has been such a hit, we've decided to expand the color range.

 This soft ladies cocktail hat is made from velvety velour-finish felt, paired with fluffy ostrich feathers that curve over the top of the hat to frame the face. The feathers are dyed over their natural markings, resulting in a gorgeous multi-toned finish.

Shown here in shocking pink with matching feathers.

This one is in purple with berry colored feathers.

The hat is held in place with an elastic to hide under your hair in back. It mostly just covers the top of the head, leaving you plenty of room for a hairstyle. 

We also have it in classic black.

Each 'Maxima' is hand-draped to shape, and the feathers have some natural variation (some feathers are longer, shorter, fluffier, silkier, etc.), features which add to the one-of-a-kind quality of each hat.

We also offer a special variation, in hunter green with a spray of gorgeous, blue-green iridescent peacock hurl feathers.

 All of these new colors and more are available for purchase now in our Etsy store.