Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting a Jump on Fall: the 'Dobbie'

We just couldn't resist working a little bit of felt into the spring / summer schedule.

Finally, a casual top hat suitable for daywear or an evening out. Our brand new style, the 'Dobbie' is a soft hat made from gorgeous imported felts, simply trimmed with narrow velvet ribbon and a hint of vintage veiling.

Available in classic black, sky blue with navy trim, or hot pink with cerise trim.

It's available as a full-size hat (made to your exact head size), or as a slightly mini hat if you prefer something that perches. Just let us know which you prefer when you place your order.

The 'Dobbie' has all the curves we love in a top hat, but with softer edges and a more modern feel. It adds elegance to your outfit while being easy and comfortable to wear.

Get a jump on your fall new wardrobe. The 'Dobbie' is available for purchase now in our Etsy store.

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Style: 'Talia' in Straw

Our latest summer style, the 'Talia', is made from a finely woven, spiral-sewn Milan straw. It's trimmed with luscious rayon velvet ribbon, graphic crocheted veiling, and a big spray of peacock hurl feathers.

Shown here in navy blue with teal ribbon and veiling, and natural blue/green iridescent peacock feathers.

The size of the crown is rather mini, so the hat is held in place with combs or an elastic under your hair in back. The picture-hat brim is on the wide side, though, offering sun protection and a pretty frame for your pretty face.

I can't pass up an opportunity to cock a hat. I just love the undulating shape of tricorns and bicorns, and there are so many fascinating shapes to be made by flipping a brim up or down.

The Talia's brim has a cocked-up section at one side in the back, creating a graceful curve for the brim and offering a sexy peek at the back of your head and neck. Mini hats are a great way to wear a hat but have a hairstyle at the same time, because your hair is mostly not covered. The Talia would look great with lots of hairstyles, from something elaborate to a simple bun, or even nicely coiffed short hair.

It's also available in classic black.

The 'Talia' is available for purchase now in our Etsy store.