Monday, May 5, 2014

Tools for Sale - Just a Few Left!

Thanks to everybody who came to my recent millinery supplies and tools sale, everything that was up for grabs has been sold except for a few choice items.

I am in the final stages of packing for my move to NYC, and then things will stay packed up in storage for the next few months. I will be listing these items on ebay and/or etsy in the autumn. So if you would like to purchase any of these things before then, please let me know within the next few days (before they are packed away for the time being).

Block #3, a one-of-a-kind brim custom made by Guy Morse Brown Hat Blocks in the UK. If you've heard of them, you know that their quality is *superb* and their prices are high, but totally worth it. They are the *only* company that I will buy new blocks from. This curvaceous brim is asymmetrical and looks great with a fedora crown. I used it only a few times and it is in like-new condition. If you buy it and you like it and want to order more sizes to make a set, just contact GMB, reference the style number written on the block, and they can reproduce it for you in any other sizes you want. Size 21". This seems on the small side but works well with many mid-century crown blocks that make a hat that perches on the head. $100.

Block #11. This is a kooky one, with a built-in brim, maybe from the 1960s-? The style is so unusual, it's really hard to tell when it was made. It's kind of part way between a fez, a bonnet, a jockey cap, and who knows what else, but it's awesome. Size 22. $150.

Block #2. A good basic fedora brim flange in great condition. Size 6 7/8. $25.

The unusual football-shaped electric egg iron on the right. It does not have its original cord, but you should be able to have it replaced by an electrician like Universal Electric in San Francisco (where I have all my vintage lamps etc. rewired). Or you could always use it without heat. $75.

A rare Victorian-era heart-shaped tolliker. Note the crack in one end, but it is still sound. Not perfect, but still totally useful. $100.

Wooden foot tollikers, bottom row, $75 each.

One of the gems of my collection- a very rare electric curling shackle. Fantastic condition, works great. In 5 years of searching, I have only seen two of these for sale, and this was one of them. $300.

Antique Curling shackle brim iron on the far right. Rare small size, unmarked but looks like 1/8". $175.  
Here are a whole bunch of tools by Mark DeCou of DeCou Studio. He is a talented woodworker and has been faithfully reproducing antique hatter's tools in hardwood.
Groove tollikers. These are used to create a round curl on a brim edge, as for a cowboy hat, homburg, etc. The following are $75 each. They are all unused / like new. Note the sizes (depth and width of the groove) written on each.

 Just let me know if you would like to buy anything, I could ship it to you if you're not in the SF Bay Area.