Thursday, August 28, 2014

Changes II

Last week, I got a great new job working for Lynne Mackey's studio, she is an incredible theatrical milliner. This bit of fairy magic greets me each time I enter the front door.

Things are going swimmingly. Everyone there is super nice, I enjoy the work and it's all very wonderful.

Then, today, she receives binders full of notes, images, costume sketches, etc. related to the next big job that the studio is going to do. She opens them up to let the rest of us have a look, and... bam.

Together with the superb theatrical costume shop 'Tricorne', Lynne's studio will be re-creating the costumes from Leon Bakst's designs for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes 1921 production of 'Sleeping Beauty'. One of the most amazing artists of the 20th century, designing for the most influential and innovative ballet company of the 20th century (maybe ever), for one of the most iconic pieces in ballet history. This is just a small sampling of Bakst's designs for the production. I recognized them right away, having drooled over everything Ballets Russes during many happy years working at the Museum of Performance and Design.

I almost passed out from the excitement and was beside myself all afternoon.

So. If I do a good job and can keep my cool through the first couple of weeks (trial period), she might let me stay on. And I might get to work on this stuff.

You better believe that I am going to be *very, very good*.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tantalum Magazine - 'Student Body' Fashion Shoot

Recently received this tearsheet from House of Nines' appearance in Tantalum Magazine issue 34. The model is wearing our Blake fedora in charcoal with steel gray ribbon. See 'Past Issues' section on their site for the whole spread.

Corsets shown are by Dark Garden.


I have accepted a new job, working for the splendid theatrical milliner Lynne Mackey. So happy to meet a bunch of nice new people, learn some new tricks and be back to working with my hands. It will still be several weeks, at least, before my shop stuff arrives in NYC from San Francisco, and I came here for new experiences, so I thought why not. It will be full time at first, and then the hours will fluctuate depending on how much work there is coming in to the studio, so I'll still have time for my own line as well. The studio makes hats for Broadway shows, Ringling Brothers, ballet, the Ice Capades, the Rockettes, Disney cruise shows, Boardwalk Empire, The Knick, and a million others. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity!